Talented Special Gift Box

Compliments, recognizing and thanking makes organisation stronger. Develop cooperation inside organisation and with business partners.

You are talented 

“Talent is not rare. Rare is the courage to follow the talent where it leads”

  • Contains carefully chosen delicious plants, blossoms and berries from Nordic, Asian and South-American countries.
  • Grassy mate, sourness of sea buckthorn berry, sweetness of prime rose, mintiness of peppermint, mild spice of cardamom and cinnamon.
  • Mate stimulates mind and body for hours without exhausting body energy resources. South-American Indians calls it the elixir of life.
  • Free from artificial flavors, pesticides and genetically modified crops

Glass containers with designed wooden lid are air-tight and easy to use – easier to open and close than paper and plastic bags, this preserves the tastes and aromas better

You are talented

Packed by mentally special people, who thank you for purchase and giving them a job

Comes buy post to you: Europe 2-5 days, US 6-8 days, Asia 7-10 days

18.60 €