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Would You like Your efforts to be noticed and recognized?  Thanking, compliments and good wishes build stronger relationships. Dale Carnegie has proved that.




Sometimes it is difficult to find the right words. We are happy to help You to say good wishes to collegues and business partners. You can choose the most suitable Especha gift tea with one of following message:



You are talented  “Talent is not rare. Rare is the courage to follow the talent where it leads”

I am happy “Happiness is infectious”

You are darling „I wish to fill your day with joy and smiles like you fill all of mine“

You are special „Special is a person you can sit together with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you’ve ever had.“

Life is a blossom „The aroma of flowers travels in the direction of wind. But the warmth of heart travels in all directions“

Life is beautiful! “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

You are an Angel “Because of You I believe in Angels”


Especha can also provide custom made messages and color design according to Your company branding.

Allan Leppikson / Reval Foto

You have an opportunity to spread positive impact in many directions by giving Especha tea gifts.

  • First, as a social enterprise You help us to give work to mentally disasbled people, who cannot find work in jobmarket (gift teas are packed by them).
  • Second, You help to save nature and keep people, who are important to You healthy as Especha teas are free from artificial flavors, pesticides and genetically modified crops. Even our packagin is all natural (wood, glass).
  • Third, with Especha gifts You can make Your business parters and employees feel happy to be part of Your team. Research has shown that gratitude is important factor for achieving better work results or coping with stressful situations.

Be surrounded by happiness and enjoy Scandinavic wonders with Especha! See more information about our products:

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